"Dear Beatriz:

Estefania and I wanted to thank you again for all your help, for getting in touch with Almudena and Javier and for your company last Friday. In addition to being a very pleasant excursion, it was great to see for ourselves just how beautiful the estate is and how attractive its amenities are.

However, what amazed Estefanía and me was all the love you personally put into our project from the beginning and the warm welcome we received from Almudena and Javier, who are simply charming. Taking all these factors into account, this is why we came to the conclusion that we could not find a better place to hold a family gathering – the final event was just as emotional and important to us as what we first had in mind".

VICENTE S, May 2015

"An amazing place, it was really worthwhile celebrating our event on this beautiful estate."

HYUNDAI, May 2015

"The feedback from our management team is very good, the site is really spectacular, and the treatment has been exquisite."


"This place in La Mancha is ideal for those who appreciate exclusivity. Here wishes come true, and everything is included."


"There is no doubt that the Estate in La Nava del Barranco is a marvel."



"Our stay has undoubtedly been too short because we had such an extraordinarily good time. It was the unanimous feeling of every member of the team. Everything was spectacular, the place, the refinement of the house that has every remarkable detail, as well as the kindness and professionalism of all the people who attended us. We have decided to repeat our next leadership seminar at La Nava.

CHANEL, April 2015

"Hello Beatriz.

The experience has been unforgettable and very impressive. Both the environment and the service are surprising and exquisite. Congratulations to the whole team on our behalf. I'm sure we'll repeat one of your proposals. Do not hesitate to keep us up to date on all the news you may have".


"Dear Beatriz, I wanted to ask you, even as a personal favour, to convey our deepest and most sincere gratitude to Mr. Javier Medem and all his team, and I must include you of course, for having always and at all times treated us with such diligence and professionalism. What is more, with such enthusiasm and affection, allowing Stephanie and I to enjoy our time with our respective families. A wonderful weekend that we will remember forever. La Nava and all of you will remain in our hearts".

VS, September 2015


"Hi Beatriz, we loved the estate, we really, really liked it! The best place I've seen, really! I am very impressed and will recommend it whenever I have the opportunity".


"Dear Beatriz, thank you so much for the wonderful day we had yesterday. Please convey our thanks and congratulations to Javier for the wonderful estate he has created. We really thought it was super fancy and beautiful. We believe it is a really interesting option for our customers. Thank you very much indeed. We had a great time."



"The estate is incredible, a marvel and we've come back happy than ever. Moreover, the food was extraordinary. Thank you very much."

L´OREAL. July 2016


"Good morning Javier: just a few lines from the airport to thank you for the treatment you gave us at La Nava. Both Peugeot and my company are delighted, not only with the amenities, but also with the people who work for you, as well as with Beatriz. We hope to repeat the event every year and to be able to institutionalize it. Hopefully we will get to know each other during one of our visits.

Once again, thank you so much for everything".

JT. September 2016


"Hello, Bea, your statements are right, no one can be indifferent to La Nava, but above all it is the staff who also make the place so attractive. You made us feel like Royalty. Thank you everyone (Margarita, Michelangelo, Jose, the people who served us the wonderful lunch in the countryside so well) and thank you to everyone else, please, and of course you, to you Bea, for being always on the lookout for CWT".

CWT, September 2016


"Dear Javier and Beatriz, I want to thank you for the magnificent and speciald experience we had during the weekend while we spent time on your spectacular estate. I imagine that you will be tired of so much gratitude and praise for the farm, the facilities and especially the staff, but as you well know, I am a hunter and I have had the opportunity to stay in many very good estates (some of which we have already agreed on), but it is true that there are few like yours.  The treatment we have received has been incredible. I also want to tell you that I have had extraordinary feedback from the rest of the attendees, they are people who are used to going to some very high-level always 5-star company events for business etc., and the general comment, even from the general management, is this is a 10.

I also want to mention at the end that the treatment and management by Beatriz has been magnificent. Without her is would not have been possible to organise.

A hug and see you in the next event - I’m 100% sure we will repeat this again".

CREDIT AND CAUTION, September 2016


"Good evening Beatriz, It has been a pleasure for us to enjoy these days in La Nava, and believe me that both I and my partner have grown fond of the staff, for their kindness, affection, mutual respect and appreciation, and all that made our stay extremely comfortable. Our guests have taken with them memories of a wonderful and unique experience. We are very conscious of the affection that was put into the event, which goes beyond economic terms. We have all been asked if we can repeat it again on some occasion. Although we never normally enjoy it as much as the guests, this time I felt at home, and I was spoiled. A big hug."

KYMCO, March 2017


“Dear Beatriz, first of all, thank you very much for having been so attentive to everything before and during our meeting in La Nava. As for our stay, I can tell you that all of us who were there were impressed by everything. It is everything you said it would be: a spacious, comfortable house with personality and spectacular views. We have been able to use the spaces in different ways according to the type of meeting. I would like to make a special mention to the staff of the estate who have been extremely attentive to all our needs. Finally, all the meals were truly special and of exceptional quality. Congratulations and thank you very much for everything. I'm sure we'll have other meetings here”.

HOME AWAY, April 2017


"Beatriz, I would like you to send a letter of thanks to Javier Medem and at the same time congratulate him for all the services provided at La Nava for the events for Canon from the 16th and 19th to the 21st of May. The new technologies mean that all our actions and human relations move quicker, and we often seek to create a quick impact, but which is ultimately superficial and short-lived. However, I think Javier has given La Nava and his team a different spirit that seeks to penetrate to the depths of people. In the Nava you literally stop time and enjoy it in all its senses. Organizing an event in La Nava is a unique and fantastic experience".



"Beatriz, the truth is that everything was great. The estate and above all its staff get 10 out of 10. We are already working on a third edition with some possible changes such as dinner in the country. I convey your gratitude to Eduardo".

ATPRESS, September 2017


"Hi Beatriz! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything during our experience in La Nava. We had a great time and the service, and the house were amazing! Everyone was delighted, so thank you very much".



"A spectacular space; the impressive service and the land around the estate, in short, a fantastic and spectacular place; every year you out do yourself. Next up: an island for the group in Mallorca orIbiza."

MAXAMM, March 2018


"Everything was perfect, everyone is enchanted by the place."


"Everything went perfectly"

BEER GROUP, May 2015


"Hi Beatriz, I really thought the Luxury was fantastic. The tequila activity was very interesting and entertaining. Thank you very much for everything".

HP, April 2015


"Our client was delighted by the place, the service and the privacy"

SAMIRA & SINEB, May 2015


"The event went very well, I think everyone was delighted with the place. Thank you very much once again and I look forward to working with you on future occasions.

Regards, Malena."

FIDELITY, June 2015


"I am writing to you from the terrace of the Hotel LaFloridawith views almost as beautiful as those of the Luxury Club. On behalf of Porsche and Origen, I would like to say that it was a pleasure working with you and in your space. We will certainly repeat the experience. The customer was delighted”.

"Good morning to all!!!!

ORIGIN, May 2015


 "Good morning Beatriz, the feedback received was good, the truth is that they liked the news quite a lot. Thank you for your interest".



"Thank you so much for making it so easy for us. The truth is, the pleasure has been ours. Although it was a simple event, I know that there are many things going on behind the scenes and I thank you for the amenities you provided in all aspects and for your great attention”.

NIELSEN, July 2015


"Hi, Beatriz, the whole event went very well, thank you very much for everything."


"I spoke to the Territorial Director of our company, who arranged the meeting. Everyone was delighted with the space. They were very comfortable, and everything went very well. Thank you very much again".

AVIVA INSURANCE, February 2016


"Beatriz, thank you very much for organizing the event. Everyone was delighted. We will keep in touch for future events".

LENOVO, March 2016


 "In general, very positive comments about the original and well-placed venue. The views are incredible, and the space is flexible enough to adapt well to various meeting formats or small events. The service was excellent, and they displayed a lot of flexibility with the schedule, especially as we finished at 9:00 when we were scheduled to finish at 6:00 and nobody made the slightest objection".



"Everything went perfectly.Sofiatold me that our client, from a French company, was delighted with the space. Also, I've heard a lot about your catering".

TA DMC, June 2016


"Beatriz, this has been our first year working together and it has been a pleasure for me. I believe that the services and your involvement for this key event for our business have been maximum, and it has certainly lived up to your company's name. I think we have made a huge leap forward in logistics, which I am sure we will continue to make in the coming years. Both the Space and the Luxury Club have made a huge change to this event, and both internally and from our clients the reaction and feedback has been very positive. And what to say about the quality of the catering. Impressive! Impressive!".

ELANCO, June 2016


"Hello Beatriz and Elena; I wanted to thank you for yesterday's work, the group was delighted with everything! They will repeat this."

IBERBOX, January 2018


"They are delighted with you and with the estate, you have supported Caser and made my work easier for me. Thank you very much and a big hug".

CASER, June 2015


"Hello Beatriz, thank you for being present throughout the event to check that everything worked perfectly and effectively. And so it did! We liked the estate very much, the owners were charming - just as you said, and the house was a spectacular place for a meeting of this kind. The place is even recommendable for spending the night, as the breakfast and all the homemade food was exquisite. We also liked the activity and it was well prepared. In short, everything went great".

COCA COLA, July 2015


"Beatriz, thank you so much for everything, it went great and the estate was beautiful. Fernando and Isabel are charming ".

CHANEL, Marzo 2016

"The intelligence of my children has brought me to this wonderful home to celebrate an historic birthday. It is impossible to improve anything. As if that weren't enough, apart from my family, I have been accompanied by the descendants of Elena, who was probably my mother's best friend. This earthly paradise is what makesSpaindifferent from the rest of the world - and Isabel's gastronomy is spectacular. Thank you for the way you have treated us".

JM Juncadella,
April 2016


"Beatriz, good morning. The truth is that my feedback is unbeatable. They all came back from this place absolutely delighted - both with the place and the service. The food was delicious, and it coincided with the fact that the estate has a special charm that helps to eliminate the usual stress. Very happy, really. My warmest congratulations."

ENDESA June 2017


"Hi Beatriz, everything was great. It was a very well organized and extraordinary event, and everyone was delighted".

MAXAM January 2017


"Hello Beatriz, I want to tell you that the event went very well. All the managers were delighted. Although I have already thanked Teresa, Manolo and the whole team of the estate, please reiterate my congratulations for the organisation of our days there".



"The estate is wonderful, it's better situated than it looks and it doesn't take long to get there. It is very clean (and smells great) and very well kept. It's perfect for our events. The best thing I can highlight is the staff’s service. It's impossible to be more efficient, friendly and professional. We felt very well looked after and attended at all times. The food is also great  - the omelette makes for an unbeatable breakfast. Please give my thanks to everyone who assisted us, and I assure you that we will return".

ALPHABET, February 2017


"Dear Beatriz, I am writing to so that you may pass on to the Management of the estate, on behalf of Mr. Seemann, President of BMW Spain, his gratitude for the exquisite treatment received during the day. He and the entire management team were delighted with the catering service, the facilities and the spectacular surroundings".

BMW, March 2017


"Dear Beatriz, I want to put in writing what we talked about on the phone this morning. Please can you pass on our congratulations and thanks to the whole team at the estate? The client was very happy: they all enjoyed the amenities, the service, the food, the treatment received and the activities, which turned out to be a "unique experience" - that is exactly what Actua is looking for in its projects. The collaboration of each and every one of the professionals of the estate - Teresa, Manolo, Vitorio, Tulio, and all the others (although I don't remember their names), has been absolutely exceptional. They have been actively involved, they have participated with total involvement and excitment: they seemed to be part of Actúa.

We hope we can come back in the near future with more customers and repeat this. Many thanks also to you for all your effort, which also coincided with holiday dates and you have been available at all times and have sought to adapt to our needs.

In short: a complete success!

A hug to you Beatriz and don't forget to pass it on to the whole team, and please tell them I'm sorry that in my case that I couldn't say goodbye."



"Good morning, Beatriz. Many thanks to you for your involvement and willingness at all times. I want to tell you that the house has been great, the whole team loved the amenities as well as the food and the meeting room. Special mention should be made of the treatment given by Victorio and Manuel.  They are always ready, kind and decisive.  Also, the ladies in the kitchen and the waiters who took turns. 10 out of 10".

BANKINTER, November 2017


"Everything went great, the catering was also perfect, we really enjoyed it."

BUDI MUSIC, June 2015


"We loved the place."



"Hello Beatriz, although we spoke on Monday, I wanted to thank you again for helping me to discover of this country house. It has been a fantastic experience; the team is super happy and has returned with renewed energy. The entire staff of the estate is wonderful, the environment is ideal and everything went very well".



"Dear Beatriz, we're home now. We are very content about the very happy days we have had, especially for the affection and attention which you have given us; it has been a splendid few days, we have all left very happy. In fact, someone even told me that we should have stayed longer. Thank you very much from all of us. A big hug".

FELIPE P. August 2016


"Hello Beatriz, thank you very much for organizing the Cazalla estate for us. The place and the house are spectacular, and everything went very well. My workmates and I loved it. Thank you very much again".

PERNOD RICARD, October 2016


"Thank you very much, the truth is that everything went very well and thanks to the staff who look after the venue, and who gave us a hand at all times, everything went smoothly. The person responsible for the catering was also very kind and profesional with us and the guests, please pass my thanks on to VE-GA Catering on our behalf."



"Good morning Beatriz, yesterday's event was a success. The location is unbeatable, the team they have is fantastic and are always looking to collaborate and demonstrate their knowledge of the sector. The space has infinite possibilities and our client Bankinter was delighted, I’m almost certain they will repeat it again as a space for the different types of events we have with them (Private Banking). It is a versatile space with infinite possibilities of decoration due to its design and excellent materials. The client was also very happy with the catering, and we will certainly recommend and suggest this space on future occasions for our clients."

 ORIGIN, December 2015


 "The truth is that I really liked the space and the great catering, in fact many people told me they did too. Thank you so much!"

PERFUMES LOEWE, January 2016


"The space is magnificent and we loved the catering, everything went very well."

THE GALLERY, January 2016


"The event was great and the customers were very satisfied."

SHELL, February 2016


"Good morning Beatriz, as I told you on the day of the event, it has been a real pleasure to work with you, the feedback I can give you is only positive. I hope we can work together in the future. Thank you very much to your team".

3G OFFICE, October 2016


"Hi Beatriz, Mário sent me a message to congratulate me on the meeting. I'll be with him this afternoon and he'll tell me in detail. The other directors have also thanked me for the way it was organized, which I am passing on to you. Thank you very much. A hug."

 MCDONALDS, February 2016


"Hi, Beatriz, first of all I wanted to congratulate you on the catering service, everything was spectacular, both in our opinion, the Tinkle agency, and also in Amazon’s, the client who hired you. We thought it was fantastic. Our client, Moda.es also told us that they thought it was sensational.

The menu, the presentation, the staff... all perfect. No doubt we'll be in contact for upcoming events!

I've been looking at your dossier and I think it's spectacular, the spaces and private houses are incredible and all very stylish. We will take this into account for the future".

TINKLE, December 2015


"Thank you so much for helping us find this space, it was really perfect for what we needed".

LOREAL, March 2016


"Dear Beatriz, Lucia mad sure we were looked after during the whole day – along with Rocío and Nacho. It has been a pleasure to work with them and with you too of course. Personally, I like being able to return to the spaces where we have worked, so of course we will return to this one. I have passed on your contact to the other brands in Group L´oréal, namely Cacharel, Biotherm and Kerastase.

Could you personally thank Nacho, Lucia and Rocio for me?"

GROUP L´ORÉAL, April 2016


"All the feedback has been more than positive: first of all, and as expected, they were surprised by the location and the views – just like I was when I visited last week.  Also, they felt very comfortable, they loved the light, the decoration and the food very much. In short, a success. Next time we must organize something in the evening so that we can enjoy the sunset. Thank you very much for your help, and for the speed with which you have been handling the requests and queries".

PES, June 2016


"Hello Beatriz,

Although I haven't had time to talk to Ana, I certainly agree with her assessment:

We liked the space very much because:

a. the space is unique: in the heart ofMadrid, with excellent views, very nice light (we were also lucky with the weather).

b. The size: for the 11 of us, the space was ideal. Big enough to be comfortable and small enough to appreciate the exclusivity.

The way Nacho and you welcomed us: excellent, offering all kinds of amenities. The catering was good both in quantity and quality.  The dishes were not too common and were presented nicely. I really liked the style of the meeting, in terms of the warmth of feeling at home but without the impersonality of a hotel. My congratulations to all of you who made the meeting possible.

SPA, June 2016


"Hi Beatriz, I wanted to tell you that we liked yesterday's site very much. The stunning views, the location was great and the food fantastic too".

PERNORD RICARD, November 2016


"Hi Beatriz, the client spoke to Nuria this morning and said that they liked everything very much. She was very happy. Thank you very much for everything. I hope we can work together again soon".



"Hi Beatriz, The feedback on the space for the meeting was excellent, they were very impressed with the site and felt very comfortable. I'm sure we'll hire it again. Thank you very much for all your effort, it has been a pleasure to work with you and I will be in contact again as soon as I have an opportunity. I've signed up to visit the other two buildings that Azucena told me about, if you like, we'll talk in mid-January to organize a meeting. A big hug, Vicky".

ASHURST, December 2017


"I can’t thank you enough Beatriz. Much of the success of the event was due to your Mansion House and your good work. Hopefully we can have more events like this, both in this space and in any of the spaces Events of Excellence offers. I am already ready to sign up! A big kiss and you know where to find us, as a former student and as a friend".

ADANAE, May 2016


"Definitely 10 out of 10 for the place! We've been pampered and they've treated us wonderfully. A thousand thank yous for everything".

PERNOD RICARD, October 2016


"Organizing a corporate event can be a more complicated task than it looks. That is why the choice of Mansion House has proved a great success. A place with charm, both in the way guests are treatment and in the location. Congratulations to Events of Excellence for having such magnificent places in a city likeMadrid".



"Hi Beatriz, Endesa, our client, told us that they were delighted with the house, the staff, the catering and the guided tour. Thank you very much."



"We love the house, and also, irrespective of our personal opinion, the client was also delighted, as were all the attendees - this was the first thing they said when they arrived. In addition, it worked very well and was very comfortable thanks to the kindness of the family. Thank you very much for everything! We must keep in touch."